Server Virtualization

Uncover the true potential of your servers!

Today, the vast majority of servers work well below their actual capacities. Nevertheless, new server investments continue. The end result is more servers than real needs, complicated management, increased cost of ownership!

You can use your server resources much more effectively by consolidating many physical servers into virtual servers running on a single physical server.

What Does Server Virtualization Provide You?

  • You can consolidate your servers according to your business priorities
  • You will have the freedom to choose hardware for systems using x86 architecture
  • You can instantly share CPU, memory, and I/O components between systems
  • You can significantly reduce your server investment and hosting costs
  • You can easily make hardware updates, patch levels, and application deployment
  • You can reduce your server administration, operation, maintenance and ownership costs

Your servers are “offering” a lot more!

We are designing the right virtualization solutions that will enable our customers to use server capacities with maximum efficiency and enable centralized management and monitoring of all their servers from a single center. We provide our customers with solutions that enable them to build their own private cloud.

Use the actual capacity of your servers.


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