Desktop Virtualization

You can increase your performance and efficiency with proven scalable solutions.

There are at least 5 Reasons to Use 1ware Technology Desktop Virtualization Solutions:

  • You can reduce your desktop management, support, and maintenance costs by 40%
  • You can easily meet your security and compliance requirements
  • Increase business continuity by providing hardware and application accessibility
  • You can increase your operating efficiency by quickly migrating to operating systems and deploying applications

By consolidating your infrastructure investments, you can significantly reduce your hardware and management costs


Our Suggestion

Our desktop virtualization solutions provide IT administrators with easier management, safer infrastructures, and faster application deployment opportunities. With desktop virtualization we offer as a manageable service, you can respond to ever-changing user needs much faster.

We virtualize desktop computers, move them to the data center, then deliver them over LAN or WAN to end users and share disk images with virtual desktops by Provisioning technology. With desktop virtualization technology, you can easily manage thousands of desktop systems with a single image.

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