Internet Security Solutions

İş ve özel hayatın vazgeçilmezi haline gelen internetin, güvenli kullanımı için yetkin mühendis kadromuzla müşterilerimize e-posta güvenliği, güvenlik duvarı (Firewall), web güvenliği, saldırı algılama ve önleme sistemleri (IPS), uzaktan güvenli erişim sistemleri (VPN) ve web sunucu güvenliği (WAF) teknolojilerinde esnek çözümler ve hizmetler sunuyoruz.


E-mail Security

E-mail traffic increases significantly with the involvement of mobile users, but also brings security risks. When the number of junk e-mails increases considerably, this causes serious loss of time and productivity.

Our experienced IT security consultants make email services reliable with our anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-trojan, anti-worm, anti-phishing solutions. We actively protect our customers from unwanted or inappropriate e-mails and security threats.


Web Security

The new security risks we face today cause traditional security technologies such as virus prevention and URL filtering to be insufficient. These technologies do not provide adequate control over sensitive data, especially those sent to Web 2.0 sites.

We are developing solutions against all possible threats from the web with components such as flexible URL filtering, intrusion detection and malware scanning, which prevent users to take corporate data without permission, protect users from harmful content, and enable users to connect to the Internet within corporate policies and laws.



Every network that is connected to the Internet and especially has server services needs a firewall. With the help of firewalls, you can check the external connections to your local network depending on your security policies. Firewalls should not only protect you from external threats, but also from possible internal attacks. Our firewall solutions ensure the security of your existing network while making remote access secure with Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

We offer Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution to transform the firewall solution into a more comprehensive protection shield. Our UTM solutions provide a comprehensive and easy-to-manage security infrastructure while offering many features such as intrusion detection and protection, web and content filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, traffic adjustment and connection control.


Server Security

Traditional security approach begins with server security.

Our server security solutions includes:

Physical security of servers

Security of the operating system

Security of offered services

Air conditioning

Disaster recovery scenario

Providing network security with UTM devices


Server-based IPS systems

Data backup

Monitoring with managed security services

Systematic management of the entire configuration


Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IPS)

Firewalls in a network with server services, control the access to the respective ports of the given services to the outer world. Many of today’s firewalls do more and control the application traffic flowing over these ports, to meet network standards. Many of today’s firewalls do more and control the application traffic flowing over these ports to meet network standards. This also provides an advantage in detecting and preventing threats.

Conventional firewalls are insufficient to provide the desired level of security due to limited features and performance constraints. With intrusion detection and prevention systems that offer advanced features and high performance, you can build a more effective security structure. Our intrusion detection and prevention systems are placed in front of the firewall. With this structure, packets coming from internal or external networks are examined and effective security is ensured by blocking the passage of threatening packages that match the attack patterns.


Remote Secure Access (VPN)

The competition requires users to be able to access corporate resources anytime, anywhere, even when they are out of the office. In order to meet this requirement, which has become one of the requirements of mobile work, secure internet access should always be available. In addition, internal resources with in-house access should be securely accessible on the Internet. Even providing device-independent access is now a necessity. As 1ware Technology, we provide the necessary infrastructure for remote secure access. You can have the advantages of low cost, high security and easy configuration with different VPN types determined according to the desired security level.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks unusual traffic by performing detailed packet inspection on complicated web traffic. In short, the use of WAF systems designed to protect web applications is mandated by some security standards such as “PCI Data Security”.

You can protect your web applications and web servers with WAF systems from web-based attacks that IPS will not prevent. Unlike IPSs, WAF systems are deployed in front of web applications, to traverse via line traffic just like IPSs. Thus, the WAP system monitors and analyzes traffic from web applications and web applications, not all web traffic.

With our WAF system solutions, you can monitor access to your web applications, examine access logs for audit, and protect yourself against threats and attacks.


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