Hardware Solutions

Today, a large part of IT investments are made for data management, use, and storage.

We provide flexible, intelligent, integrated data storage and hardware solutions for real performance and security of your data and critical business applications.

Although the technologies are changing, the expectations and needs of IT professionals do not change much:


Server Solutions

By choosing the right servers for your applications, making the appropriate configurations and managing them effectively, you can provide more than you expect.

Beyond performance and cost criterias:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easier scalability
  • More business continuity
  • Less maintenance needs
  • Easier manageability

With our technical team of certified system engineers, we offer brand-independent server solutions, contributing to your operational efficiency.

Our server solution portfolio:

  • Blade solutions
  • X86 server solutions


Storage Solutions

Keep the “Worlds data” safe

Nobody could have guessed that the term “byte”, which first began to be used in 1956, could be used to express enormous sizes after 50-60 years. The fastest growing terminology for expressing these sizes should be the terminology of informatics. Shortly after the terms megabyte and gigabyte, the terms terabyte, petabyte, and exabyte entered into our lives.

In 2000, 2 Exabyte of new information was produced all over the world. The amount of information produced in 2014 reached 4.4 Zettabyte. 60% of this information produced in developed countries, while 45 Exabyte corresponding to approximately 6 per thousand were produced in Turkey. In summary, we need to be able to manage, keep and prepare for much more data than before.

We first analyze the current situation of our customers in order to manage large-scale data, or to store data on a layered disk structure or on a layered data storage system structure. In accordance with these analyses results, we design and build the most appropriate solution for our customers according to operational efficiency, sustainable performance, and data security expectations.


Desktop and Portable System Solutions

We provide the most appropriate desktop and portable systems for your users from the broad product line of our market-leading partners, HP, Lenovo and Dell brands.

Depending on a number of parameters, such as price, performance, capacity, weight, display characteristics, battery life, expansion capacity, silence, driver features, connectivity features, you can choose the most suitable system for your business from this broad product range.

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