End User Security Solutions

End-user security solutions serve as the ultimate defense layer in the enterprise’s security architecture. In this layer, security measures are generally taken at the gateway level, but these measures are insufficient. Anti-x software alone will also not provide the desired security. While it protects end users against threats from both external and local networks, it is also necessary to prevent information leak and the loss of valuable data of a lost or stolen device.

As 1ware Technology, our priority is to set corporate security policies and implement them with integrated end-user security solutions.

The integrated solutions we offer in this context include different services:

  • User-based firewalls
  • Application firewalls,
  • Anti-virus, anti-spyware software
  • Physical port (usb, etc.) restrictions
  • Disk encryption solutions

Our end-user security solutions provide a more efficient and secure working environment with easily managed components.



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