Data Security Solutions

It is very valuable in terms of corporate reputation as well as business continuity and material gains as well as loss of critical data due to any security problem, access to right people, control under institutional policies. With our competent cadres, we offer our customers flexible solutions and services independent of the information leak prevention, cryptographic solutions and database security technologies.

  • Data Leak Prevention
    Our Data Leakage/Loss Prevention solutions aim to prevent deliberate or accidental removal of our customer’s data. While security solutions generally preclude external threats, DLP solutions provide the security of data that can be extracted from inside. Our DLP solutions consist of two phases. The first layer has a client based and the second layer has network-based DLP solutions.In the first stage, we prevent the use of methods such as CD/DVD, USB, Bluetooth and card readers which can be used for extraction of valuable data without network access. In the second stage, we define critical files and set and implement detailed access control rules such as; identifying methods to be used(web, e-mail, FTP, printer etc.); specifying who can send files to whom.
  • Encryption Solutions
    Encryption solutions, one of the oldest and most effective methods for data security, are being renewed with more complex algorithms. We provide custom encryption solutions on the basis of disk and directory so that the data can be stored securely and in case of unauthorized access, the digital data file will be in an unusable format.
  • Database Security
    The key priorities in database security are reducing internal threats, ensuring compliance with standards and legislations. We provide user and access control, monitoring and blocking, data classification, data encryption, auditing and reporting, and secure configuration management services with our database security solutions, designed to provide protection against threats and compliance with rules.



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