Data Center Design and Optimization Solutions

1ware Technology provides Data Center Consulting Service to its customers in designing today’s advanced and complex data centers, with its experienced staff. It is one of the industry leading company, with flexible, easy to manage, highly efficient and optimized datacenter solutions.

Data Center Design Consultancy

  • Physical Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Datacenter Power Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Data Center Cooling Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Data Center Project Management
  • Cooling System Design using CFD Method
  • Communication Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Security and Monitoring Systems Design

Data Center Analysis and Optimization Consultancy Services

  • UPS and Cooling Power Consumption Analysis
  • Analysis of Cooling Capacities and IT Load
  • Cabinet and Cabling Design Analysis
  • System Room Monitoring and Security Analysis
  • Cooling System Condition Analysis with CFD Method

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