Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

The ability to avoid a possible disaster with the least possible loss and ensuring business continuity is an integral part of corporate risk management. We are ready with our certified team and technological solutions to make sure that you are prepared for any situation.

We offer comprehensive solutions to protect your IT systems against internal and external threats, unforeseen disruptions, natural disasters and attacks.

Our aim is to intervene in an extraordinary situation as quickly and as smoothly as possible, avoiding significant risks such as operation interruption and data loss, and putting the related systems into effect as soon as possible.

With our certified technical expert team, we prepare disaster scenarios by using the experiences of our global business partners and performing risk analysis, service analysis, topology and procedure analysis, interruption and data analysis in international standards.

Based on this work, we are designing individual disaster prevention solution for you.

“Proactive prevention and planning, immediate intervention, effective recovery”

Business Continuity

Uninterrupted System = Uninterrupted “System + Service / Application + Data”

It is aimed to run the three main components in the Uninterrupted System Solutions without service interruption and loss. These; System (Hardware), Applications (Operating Systems, Services and Applications) and Data. The following technologies are utilized to achieve this;

  • Cluster: It is the technology in which more than one hardware is running “like one hardware” at the same time and the other is taking over the task at the moment of failure.
  • Replication: It is based on the ability to write to two different systems as Synchronous or Asynchronous. By keeping a replicated healthy copy in case the main system is disabled, it is aimed to prevent data loss and keep the system running.
  • Virtualization : The solutions that Virtualization Technologies and Data Storage systems use together provide high comfort at affordable costs in business continuity. Solution; The “Virtual Server” which is running in the “common” data storage area, is automatically based on the logic of knowing when it will be taken over by other servers attached to this data storage area.

Disaster Recovery – DR

Disaster in computer terminology is different in terms of dictionary. Unexpected deletion of the ERP database also enters this definition. Comprehensive technical description is; The system does not work physically and / or electronically, or data becomes unreachable / corrupted. Solution target; in which case data loss is prevented and the system continues to operate in a different physical location. The Back-Up scenario is the most important part of the job.

Three basic questions are searched; What is the Return Point Ojective (RPO), Return Time Objective (RTO) and Return Performance Objective (Rpo)? Correct projecting is based on the design that will provide answers. The solution is built with seven layers of Disaster Recovery methods that best meet the target values.

1ware Technology has significant references with its projecting and implementation success in Disaster Recovery solutions, a specialization issue. Take your precautions for the comfort of your work. Keep in mind; It is always cheaper to prevent instead of repair.

Microsoft Solutions

Our customers who have invested in Microsoft technologies are aiming to use these technologies in the most efficient way. Microsoft solution portfolio that we are offering you seven different solution categories, so you can add value to your investments.

To provide our customers with more effective support for Microsoft solutions, we are integrating Microsoft solutions with our certified team. We are transforming the latest Microsoft technologies into scalable solutions that deliver the performance you need, business continuity and productivity.

Microsoft Licensing Solutions

Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

Microsoft Messaging (Exchange Server) Solutions

Microsof Unified Communications (LYNC) Solutions

Microsoft Cloud Computing Solutions

Microsoft System Management Software Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

Windows Azure Solutions

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