Backup Solutions

Data Backup/Recovery Solutions

To ensure that your ever-growing data volume is accessible, usable and protected, we offer backup and recovery solutions.

It is one of the critical duties of system administrators to take data backups periodically due to the legal obligations and internal procedures of the companies. Due to the ever-increasing amount of data, backup processing times are prolonged, and even there are days when the data backup is not available. In case of the risk of data loss due to natural disasters, security vulnerabilities or user error, our data backup and recovery infrastructure will be “life-saving”.

We offer different solutions to our customers who want to set up a new backup and recovery system or want to speed up their current operations. By doing the situation analysis first we are taking the following steps

First of all, we perform the following steps by analyzing the situation:

  • Determining the backup and recovery infrastructure
  • Determination of backup and recovery method
  • Determination of backup and recovery policy and procedures
  • Designing and installing a backup and recovery infrastructure

Within our backup and recovery solutions, we provide higher performance, lower bandwidth and lower storage costs with data deduplication, data compression, and replication methods.

“Do not let the data you did not back up to be your most valuable loss!”


Data Archiving Solutions

Increasing the amount of data at an unbelievably fast rate causes the data to get old, and keeping rarely used data in high-cost disk units increases the operating cost.

Commonly used business applications such as ERP, CRM, automation solutions generate high amounts of data. However, most of these data are ineffective. IT teams have to manage and maintain this rarely used large amount of data.

Due to function or date, “old” data must be archived or data to be archived for a certain period of time must be archived. With our data archiving solutions, we ensure that archiving operations are easily imported into the appropriate archive media. In this way, you can protect your data at a reasonable cost in long-term archive environments.

How Do We Create Data Archiving Solutions?

  • We use information-life cycle as base
  • With data analysis, we make the access frequency/archive cost balance
  • We consider performance expectations and archive durations
  • We offer integrated and turnkey projects

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