About Us

1ware Technology aims to provide effective and result-oriented solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers in the most appropriate way with the knowledge and know-how gained in the field of information technology and communication. Special technological solutions developed for our customers from different sectors create productivity, competitive advantage and added value to the companies. Founded in 2003 with a customer-focused boutique approach in the information sector, 1ware Technology has been the architect of numerous successful projects to date with its experienced team.

1ware Technology is one of the most innovative IT companies in the corporate market with its continuous investments. Our services we continuously develop by following the innovations in the world, cover a wide range of activities that are covering the corporates 360°, from infrastructure installation to consulting services, enterprise-level security, the system (server and storage) and network solutions to after sales support.

Our understanding that adopts the principle of being different with customer satisfaction also contributes to the development of Turkish Information Sector. We are proud to be able to get new opportunities thanks to the customer satisfaction we have created with successful projects we have made.

Best regards,

Our vision,

To be a global player with our sustainable and value-added solutions.

Our mission,

Since the day it was founded, it always operates at the highest level of service, in an environment based on trust, in the frame of ethical rules.


Our Strategic Priorities


  1. Our main business is to achieve sustainable growth in the field of IT integration
  2. Developing end-to-end solutions that will provide our customers with a competitive advantage in their fields
  3. Investing in Cloud Technologies and providing efficiency, continuity, and accessibility
  4. Developing in business intelligence areas

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